Rooder electric bike european warehouse for sale

Rooder electric bike european warehouse for sale, we have stock in european warehouse in Netherlands, Poland and Belgium,

we have send the bike to the whole European countries within 3-12 day, min order 1 piece, dropshipping available.

we also have US stock, 3-12 day your door without any tax after payment. min order 1 unit.

bulk order will be sent from China at wholesale price, but contact us to know more details +8613632905138


Do you have an electric bicycle that the range at 40-60 kilometers at a full speed of 45 kilometers per hour?

This model is Rooder r809-s7. Rooder Recently launched a cost-effective electric bike,

the bike is equipped with 750w power motor, 48V 15ah lithium battery, the price is less than US$1,000 at wholesale price.

Rooder r809-s7 can adapt to a wide range of people, whether it is from the appearance of the bike,

body size, as well as its configuration and performance, it can be loved by everyone.


The front and rear tire has a unique shape, simple design, and a USB interface, so you are not afraid of running out of power on your phone during long-distance riding.

electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (1)

This Rooder r809-s7 has 2 riding modes, standard and assistance. Users can change the riding mode according to their own habits.

In standard electric mode, the maximum speed can reach 45kmph, which can save a lot of time in urban travel.

electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (2)

In order to ensure driving safety, the Rooder bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, and the braking distance is shorter.

In terms of control, the brake adjustment is moderate, and the braking force of the front and rear sections is relatively sufficient,

which greatly improves the safety.

electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (3)

In terms of riding comfort, the front and rear shock absorption adjustment is moderate, and the expenditure is also sufficient.

In terms of bike safety, the Rooder has the anti-theft function of strangers’ carts, and the bike has an alarm.

It is simple and convenient to start unlocking through the key. Now that the Rooderr809-s7 has been released for several months,

and many people already bought this bike from our European warehouse and US stock , what do you think of it?


electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (4)

This fat boy with CST brand 26*4.0, also can be chao yang brand.

you can take the removable battery away to charge it at office or home.

electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (5)


Brand Name:Rooder
Model Number:r809-s7
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Battery Voltage:48V(54V)
Charger voltage:100-240V 2A
European standard round plug
Motor Wattage:750 W
Gears:Five gears
Tyre:CST 26*4.0
Brake: disc brake
Gradeability: 30°
Max speed:45 km/h
mileage of pure electric:40-60KM
mileage of assistance:70-110KM

electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (6)


1 piece/carton
carton size:160×24×86cm
NW:30kg, GW:37kg

Container order:
82pcs in 20GP
205pcs in 40HQ


electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (7) electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (8) electric bicycle Rooder r809-s7 (9)







silver-gray, other colors, we can make it for bulk order.


Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike Rooder Unboxing


00:00 unboxing the Rooder fat bike by Gavin Lee

02:11 what’s inside the package?

04:49 unpack the fat wheel

08:10 install the handlebar of the ebike

15:33 assemble the front wheel

18:11 assemble the front fender and light

20:41 install the seat

21:23 install the right pedal

21:45 install the left pedal

22:44 adjust the handlebar

23:53 install the removable battery

24:26 power on and check the function

25:29 overview


Rooder mountain bike 2022 review:


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