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1. User Manuals

1.1 Citycoco Chopper User Manual


citycoco m1p






Citycoco chopper HM-6 user manual–2024 new product hm6

Electric ATV scooter Rooder HM-1 user manual

electric motorcycle r804-m20 r804-m21 CP-8 CP-8.1 user manual

Rooder citycoco cp-2 user manual

r804i6 Rooder citycoco cp-6 user manual

r804s r804r Rooder citycoco user manuals cp-1 cp-2 cp-5 hm-4 hm-5

Rooder electric motorcycle CP-9 user manual ( r804i6 )

Rooder electric trick scooter CP-7 user manual ( r804t9)

1.2 Electric Scooters User Manual

gt01 escooter



















1.3 Electric Bicycles User manual

Mocha electric bike











2. Certifications

2.1 Citycoco chopper EEC certificate:

Rooder Citycoco Scooters have obtained the EEC certificate, ensuring their compliance with European regulations and standards. This certification is an important testament to the quality, safety, and reliability of our Citycoco scooters.

The EEC certificate, also known as the European Economic Community certificate, is a mandatory requirement for electric scooters to be legally sold and operated within the European Union. It guarantees that our Citycoco scooters meet the necessary technical and safety standards set by the EU.

With the EEC certificate, customers can have peace of mind knowing that our Citycoco scooters have undergone rigorous testing and have been approved by authorized certification bodies. This certification ensures that our scooters are safe to use, environmentally friendly, and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Our commitment to obtaining the EEC certificate reflects our dedication to providing high-quality products that meet the highest industry standards. We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers, and the EEC certificate is a testament to our adherence to these values.

When you choose a Rooder Citycoco Scooter with an EEC certificate, you can be confident in your purchase. Our scooters are not only stylish and efficient but also meet the stringent requirements necessary to operate legally within the European Union.

Experience the joy of riding a Rooder Citycoco Scooter, knowing that you are choosing a product that has been certified for its quality and safety. Join the growing community of satisfied Rooder Citycoco Scooter owners and enjoy the convenience and eco-friendliness of our electric scooters.

EEC Of Our Hot Selling Models:

Super city coco m1 EEC 25km/h and 45km/h L1e-B, please simply click on the blue link blow to download it. 





Alligator Echopper m2 EEC 1 seat 2000w 25km/h and 3000w 45km/h, L1e-B. 



Alligator Elektro chopper m2 EEC 2 seat 2000w 25km/h and 3000w 45km/h, L1e-B. 


2 seat electric scooter M6 EEC 2000w 25km/h and 3000w 45km/h, L1e-B. 



Runner citycoco harley electric scooter m8 EEC 2000w 25km/h and 45km/h, L1e-B. 



Knight Rooder citycoco m8s 4000w 80km/h EEC L3E-A1. 


Rooder mangosteen sara citycoco m1ps EEC 2kw 45km/h, 4kw 80km/h and 5kw 100km/h, L3E-A1.

e9_168_2013_11965_00 (4kw 80km/h)

e9_168_2013_11965_01 (5kw 80km/h and 100km/h)

e9_168_2013_11377_03 (2kw 45km/h)

electric ATV Rooder HM-1 EEC L6e-A_e13_168_2013_01388_00_00 – Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited

e13_168_2013_01388_00_00 (electric ATV)

Electric motorcycle r804-m20 r804-m21 CP-8 CP-8.1 EEC L1e-B e13_168_2013_00952_01_01 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited


Electric Scooter r804z9 cp-9 EEC L1e-B e49_168-2013_10014_00- Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited


electric trike scooter Rooder shansu r804t9 cp-7 4000w EEC L2e-P e13_168_2013_01205_00_00 – Rooder Group Zhejiang Shengqi Industry and Trade Co Limited


Electric Trike Scooter Rooder shansu HM-3 EEC L1e-B e13_168_2013_01662_00_00 – Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited


harley scooter cp-2 EEC L1e-B e9_168_2013_11449_00 – Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited


HOT Shansu HM-6 citycoco scooter EEC L1e-B e13_168_2013_01895_00_00- Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited


HOT USA Rooder Shansu electric trike scooter r804t8 CP-3 EEC L2e-P e9-168-2013-11498-02_CP-3 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited


Rooder citycoco r804i6 CP-6 EEC L1e-B e9_168_2013_11769_00 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited


Rooder citycoco R804S R804RCP-1 EEC L1e-B e9_168_2013_11263_09 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited


Rooder shansu brasil HM-5 citycoco EEC L1e-B e13_168_2013_01687_00_00 – Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited


Rooder Shansu cp-4 citycoco chopper EEC L1e-B e13_168_2013_01350_01_00 – Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited


Switzerland – Electric Motorcycle HM-2 EEC L1e-B e49_168-2013_10017_00 – Roooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited



M1 CNIT /UTAC  e9_168-2013_11377_03

M1PS 45 CNIT /UTAC  e9_168-2013_11377_03

M1PS 80 CNIT /UTAC  e9_168-2013_11965_00

M8 CNIT /UTAC  e9_168-2013_11649_01

M8S CNIT /UTAC e9_168-2013_11984_00

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11525_00 Rooder r804-m3p shansu cp-4 cp4 – Rooder Group Zhejiang Shengqi Industry and Trade Co Limited

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11525_00

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11263_05 R804d r804o R804s r804r CP-1 CP1 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11263_05

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11263_09 R804d r804o R804s r804r CP-1 CP1 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11263_09

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11449_00 – citycoco cp-2 cp2 – Rooder Group Zhejiang Shengqi Industry and Trade Co Limited

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11449_00

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11498_01- 3 wheel scooter r804t8 cp-3 cp3 – Rooder Group HK Shansu Technology Limited

CNIT UTAC e9_168-2013_11498_01

CNIT UTAC e13_168-2013_01207_00- r804s r804r R804o cp-1 cp1 – Rooder Group Zhejiang Shengqi Industry and Trade Co Limited

CNIT UTAC e13_168-2013_01207_00

CNIT UTAC e13_168-2013_01208_00-3 wheel R804t8 cp-3 cp3 – Rooder Group Zhejiang Shengqi Industry and Trade Co Limited

CNIT UTAC e13_168-2013_01208_00

CNIT UTAC e13_168-2013_01350_00 shansu cp-4 cp4 Rooder Group Zhejiang Yixing Industry and Trade Limited

CNIT UTAC e13_168-2013_01350_00

2.3 CE FCC ROHS Certificate

2.31 certificate for electric scooters and electric bikes.

CE MD: CCTI-2021071910C 2006/42/EC

CE LVD: CCTI-2021071909C 2014/35/EU

CE EMC: CCTI-20210719008C 2014/30/EU

2.4 UL Certificate

2.41 UL Certificate for charger of Mocha, Latte and Cappu ebikes:

Charger Certification: Certificate of Compliance UL 

Charger Certificate: Conformity Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU. CE

Charger Certificate: Conformity EC Council Directive 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility. CE EMC.

2.5 MSDS UN38.3 etc

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet – Shenzhen Haoyang New Energy Co Ltd

UN38.3 Test Report Li-Ion Battery Pack for Electric Vehicls – Huizhou Haoyang New Energy Co Ltd

Identification and Classification Report for Transport of Goods – Dangerous Goods Class 9 UN3171 – By Sea

Identification and Classification Report for Transport of Goods – Dangerous Goods Class 9 UN3171 – By Air

2.6 DOT – U.S. Department of Transportation.

DOT Certificate USA

DOT Document for Electric Motorcycle

What Is a DOT Number?

A Department of Transportation (DOT) number is a number the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, assigns to registered commercial vehicles. All carrier vehicles that weigh more than a certain amount, carry specific amounts of paying passengers or operate between state lines require DOT numbers. In most U.S. states, local DOT requirements also apply.

3. COC Document

What’s the Main Information on Rooder Complete Vehicle EU Certificate of Conformity (COC)?

The Complete Vehicle EU Certificate of Conformity (COC) is an essential document that ensures a vehicle’s compliance with European Union regulations. It is a legal requirement for all vehicles manufactured or imported into the EU.

The COC contains crucial information about the vehicle, including its technical specifications, emissions levels, and safety features. It serves as proof that the vehicle meets the necessary standards and can be legally registered and used on European roads.

Key information included in the COC includes:

  1. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): A unique identifier for the vehicle.
  2. Manufacturer Details: Information about the vehicle manufacturer, including their name and address.
  3. Vehicle Specifications: Details about the vehicle’s make, model, engine type, power output, weight, and dimensions.
  4. Emissions Information: Emission levels of the vehicle, including carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and pollutant levels.
  5. Safety Features: Information about the vehicle’s safety features, such as airbags, ABS, and stability control systems.
  6. Homologation Number: A reference number that confirms the vehicle’s compliance with EU regulations.

The COC is essential for various purposes, including vehicle registration, import/export procedures, and proving the vehicle’s conformity during inspections or audits. It provides transparency and ensures that vehicles meet the necessary safety, environmental, and technical standards set by the EU.

It is important to note that the COC is specific to each vehicle and cannot be transferred or used for another vehicle. It is a valuable document that should be kept safe and provided when required by relevant authorities.

For more information about the Complete Vehicle EU Certificate of Conformity (COC), please consult the official EU regulatory guidelines or contact your local vehicle registration authority.

COC Key Information example:

0.1. Make: Rooder

0.2. Type or Model: such as Rooder/citycoco/mangosteen m1, m1s, m1p, m1p 2.0, m1ps, m2, m2s, m3, m4, m5, m6, m6g, m7, m8, m8s, m9, m10, m11, m12, m13, m14, m15, m16, m17, m18, m19, m20 and so on.

0.3. Category: L1e-B for 25km/h and 45km/h, L3E-A1 for 80km/h and 100km/h. 

1. Vehicle Identification Number/VIN: *R3MM10000P1012224* (R3M=VMI, M1= Vehicle model: m1, 0 0=variant, 00=version, P=year, N: 2022, P: 2023, Q: 2024, R: 2025 …, 1=Rooder factory, 012224=serial number.) Electric motor code (as marked on the engine or other means of identification) : MGSD60VA622439 minutes power:2.0KW@420min

1.8 maximum speed of vehicle: 25km/h, 45km/h, 80km/h, 100km/h and 120km/h. Tyre size designation:  front: m1,m1p,m1ps: 130/70/12, m2/m8: 165/45/12, rear: 215/40/12.

6.16.1 Number of seating positions: 1/2/3.

3.1 Rooder mangotseen

Below coc documents, it’s just an example, if you need clear PDF with your VIN and motor serial number or COC original paper

please contact us by email: or whatsapp +8613632905138, thank you!

m1 25km/h coc

m1 45km/h coc

m1p 25km/h coc 

m1p 45km/h coc

m1ps 25km/h coc

m1ps 45km/h coc 

m1ps 80km/h coc 

m1ps 100km/h coc 

m2 2000w 1 seat 25km/h coc 

m2 3000w 1 seat 45km/h coc 

m2 2000w 2 seats 25km/h coc 

m2 3000w 2 seats 45km/h coc 

m6 2000w 25km/h coc 

m6 3000w 45km/h coc 

m8 25km/h coc 

m8 45km/h coc 

m8s 25km/h coc

m8s 45km/h coc

m8s 80km/h coc 

3.2 Rooder Shansu

Rooder citycoco coc r804s r804r r804d r804o shansu cp-1 cp1

4. VIN Example

4.1 position of  VIN and motor number, Please click on the blue link below to show details.

(You may need this information when clearing customs)

1. M1, example of VIN: R3MM10000P1012322.

2. M1P, example of VIN: R3MM10000P1012391.

3. M1P 2.0, example of VIN: R3MM10000P1012390.

4. M1PS, example of VIN: R3MM10102P1000298.

5. M2, example of VIN: R3MM20101P1000015.

6. M6, example of VIN: R3MM60000P1000198.

7. M6G, example of VIN: R3MM10000R1908605.

8. M8, example of VIN: R3MM80100P1003311.

9. M8S, example of VIN: R3MM80100N1002891.


5. Troubleshooting

Q: how? where? what? when? which? why? who? … ^_^

A: Click on: Rooder

6. Review & Unboxing Videos

6.1 Citycoco Choppers

6.2 Electric Scooters

6.3 Electric Bikes

7. Accessories

controler, battery, motor, charger, display, throttle, tires, mirrors and so on.

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