mangosteen citycoco m1p, m1ps, m2, m6 and m8.

Mangosteen Citycoco is an electric scooter with a 2000w engine and a maximum speed of 45km/h. It has a removable battery and fat tires. You can buy the Mangosteen Citycoco from Rooder Group Mangosteen Technology Co., Limited.

Here are some models of the Mangosteen Citycoco:

M1P: This model has a 30Ah removable battery.
M1ps: This model is made by Mangosteen Technology Co., Limited in Gonddong, China.
M2: This model has a LED display speedometer.
M6: This model has double seat design.
M8: This model has a 2000w engine and a maximum speed of 45km/h.

All the modes have option 2000w 3000w and 4000w engine, and 20ah, 30ah and 40ah lithium battery.

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mangosteen citycoco review video:

mangosteen citycoco made by Rooder Group Mangosteen Technology Co., Limited. factory

Model: Rooder m1ps SARA-E, 60v 2000w 30ah 65kmph

Brand: Rooder/ Mangosteen / depends on stock

Frame material: Seamless iron alloy frame

Front Tyre size: Rubber 130/70-12 TNT E4 / DOT

Rear Tyre size: Rubber 215/40-12 TNT E4 / DOT

Tyre pressure: front 225kpa, rear 151kpa

Front fork: ronzlla mechanical Fork

Brake type: High quality Front and Rear Disc brake

Motor power: 60 Voltage, 2000W powerful brushless engine. Option 3000w, 4000w and DIY 8000w(2024-2025)

Max speed: 45km/h COC for Europe, 65km/h or 40 MPH for US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Dubai and worldwide.

Grade-ability: 30 degrees

Max loading: 200 kgs or 440 pounds for heavy adults

Battery: 60V, 30Ah Lithium-ion mangosteen removable battery. Option: 20ah, 40ah and 50ah.

Range: 60-80 km mileage per charge

Charger: 67.2V, 5A fast charger

Charging time: 6 hours

Working temperature: -20~40℃, no problem for Russia, Canada and EU.

Waterproof standard: IP54

Display: LCD display, charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear level etc

Front ShockAbsorber: Hydraulic shock Fork

Rear Shock Absorber: Aluminum alloy spring shock absorber

Light system: LED headlight, brake light, turn lights

Saddle height: 63.5 cm

Suitable height: 160-210 cm, Adjustable handlebar

Alarm: alarm with 2 pieces remote

Product net weight: 92 kgs or 202 pounds

Gross weight: 122 kgs or 269 pounds

Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS, EEC, COC,MSDS, UN38.3

Product size: 212*85*110 cm (L*W*H)

Package size: 190*40*87.5 cm(L*W*H)

Package list: city coco scooter, mirrors, charger, tools, citycoco manual

20GP container: 40 units

40HQ container: 105 units

2 thoughts on “mangosteen citycoco m1p, m1ps, m2, m6 and m8.

  1. Richard Riha says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I bought a M1 bike in Malta however the max speed is 65 km/h and the starting speed from a dead stop even on speed setting 1 is around 15-20 km/h. The dealership informed me that this is very normal and all models are like this.
    However I’m not that experienced with driving motorcycles and this is way too fast for me.

    I’m looking into options how I can limit the speed with a certified electrician/mechanic but I cannot locate the manual for the model. Could you kindly help me out with this? Even if you could inform me what type of controller it has (like ey3) would be a great help.

    Thank you in advance!


    1. system says:

      hi, please contact our whatsapp:

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