Two Wheel Hoverboard Buying Guide

how to find a safe hoverboard to buy.


1. Look for a name brand hover board. If the airboard is a brand that you have heard of before, they most likely are a reputable brand. These types of brands will have product standards and testing to make sure that they are selling a quality product. Less reputable brands are not concerned with having a repeat customer and might cut corners by using lower quality materials.

hoverboard supplier

2. Look for two wheel smart boards with batteries made by LG, Samsung or Panasonic . These are better lithium ion batteries that are well made. The fires have most likely been caused by a short in the battery.

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3. Buy a balance board from somewhere like Amazon, ebay or Alibaba (Trade assurance for bluk order). You’ll have buyer protections and should get a board with issues.

Another thing to remember about self balancing scooters. They are like bicycles in a manner of speaking. You can ride your bike all day long on your street, and nothing bad could happen to you. But if you ride your bike into the middle of the street when a car is going by, you may be severely injured. The same thing with self balancing scooters. By careful of traffic. Also, watch out for falling. Wear the proper Safety Gear.


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