Mangosteen citycoco chopper electric scooter m1p m1

HD photos of  Rooder Mangosteen citycoco chopper electric scooter m1p m1 for your website and marketing


we have more than 21 colors for you to choose, we can also custom the color of frame, wheel, seat and any part of the Rooder scooter for you.

1. mangosteen bike in color of US flag.

This Rooder mangosteen m1p with custom seat , 3000w motor, 70km/h max speed.

28ah removable lithium battery 55-75km range.

mangosteen bike US flag (1) mangosteen bike US flag (2)


2. mangosteen citycoco in matte black color

The Matte Black finish is a dull or satin black pigment which is applied to the surface of mangosteen m1p frame and front and rear fenders. Matte Black finish is typically achieved by powder coating.

Mangosteen citycoco m1p mangosteen citycoco m1p


3. mangosteen citycoco in matte red 

Matte Red is a matte red solid tone. This color is a polyester solid tone powder coat and has a semi-gloss finish. we use it on the mudguard of our citycoco chopper, it’s popular in USA, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Brazil and Argentina.

Mangosteen citycoco (3) Mangosteen citycoco (4)


4. magosteen e chopper in turquoise green 

turquoise green, also called diamond green, some customers called turquoise blue. haha.  O^O.  any way, it’s popular and we have it in EU and USA.

dropshipping is available even just 1 piece/unit.

mangosteen e chopper (1) mangosteen e chopper (2)


5. mangosteen electric bike custom red matte.

look this lady, chrom wheels, custom seat, 2000w-3000w 70km/h, 28a 55-75 range. like it?  it’s in stock of US and EU now, WA me to get it. +8613632905138

mangosteen electric bike (1) mangosteen electric bike (2)



6. more choice:

mangosteen electric scooter m1p in pink, for man. :)

mangosteen electric scooter (1)


in Rooder green color:

mangosteen electric scooter (2)


in orange color, popular in Netherlands, we don’t know why, because of football?

mangosteen electric scooter (3)

this pink can be for lady. haha.

mangosteen electric scooter (4)


mangosteen electric scooter (5)


dutch football again, :)

mangosteen electric scooter (6)

amazing silver color:

mangosteen m1p scooter (1) mangosteen m1p scooter (2)


Maroon? wine red?


mangosteen scooter (1) mangosteen scooter (2)



7. do you have more?–NO?  :)

Rooder citycoco chopper colors2-800



maybe you want to check the video of colors, just click the timestampes please:

00:00 Rooder Sara 2022. <—don’t click here, it’s the secret model of 2022. :)  secrettt…

00:04 21 colors for choice

00:47 No.14 Maroon color

00:50 No.Rooder green

00:53 No.6 orange

00:56 No.7 green matte

00:59 No.8 light blue

01:02 No.19 blue matte

01:05 No.2 red matte

01:08 No.4 yellow

01:11 No.12 turquoise green

01:14 No.1 white

01:17 No.13 brown

01:20 No.9 light silver

01:23 No.15 purple

01:26 No.11 pink

01:29 No.10 gold

01:32 No.21 cherry red

01:35 No.16 silver

01:38 No.3 black matte

01:41 No.5 dark blue

01:44 No.17 red

01:47 No.18 gray matte

01:50 all colors of Rooer scooter

01:54 Rooder super

01:58 Rooder Alligator

02:07 Rooder Runner Custom

02:19 Custom Super, Arrow, Runner, Alligator.



Company information:

Rooder Group has been in electric scooter industry for 10 years, which is factory focus on citycoco, electric motorcycle, eletirc chopper, balance scooter, and kick scooter. It has been exporting high quality electric scooter to all over the world, together earning a lot of good reputation. Rooder brand is representing high quality and good service.

10 year? can you proof it? yes!

please check the link of our youtube channel, the ID is rooder2010

our other websites:


On line Store in EU and US:

what’s Mangosteen?

why mangosteen is an echopper, an ebike, an escooter, a citycoco, a harley style chopper? it’s not a fruit?

er… Apple can be a phone, we mangosteen can be a ….


MANGOSTEEN European Union Trademark Information
By Guangdong Mangosteen Technology Co., Ltd.

The MANGOSTEEN trademark was assigned an Application Number #018435386 – by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Trademark Application Number is a unique ID to identify the MANGOSTEEN mark in EUIPO. The MANGOSTEEN mark is filed in the category of Vehicles; Locomotion Product by Land, Air or Water , Advertising, Business & Retail Services . The legal correspondent for MANGOSTEEN trademark is ZELLER & SEYFERT PARTG MBB , ZELLER & SEYFERT PARTG MBB Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37 (Tower 185) D-60327 Frankfurt am Main ALEMANIA . The current status of the MANGOSTEEN filing is Registered.

Based on Guangdong Mangosteen Technology Co., Ltd., the MANGOSTEEN trademark is used in the following business:

citycoco chopper, rooder, rooder citycoco, mangosteen scooter, mangosteen bike, mangosteen chopper
mangosteen citycoco, m1 scooter, e chopper, electric scooter, elektroroller, rooller,
electric bike, mangosteen moped, mangosteen m1p, m1, m2, m6, m6g, m8 and m11.


About Guangdong Mangosteen Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Mangosteen Technology Co., Ltd. was established on 2018-12-17 with a registered capital of 5.05 million yuan,

the legal representative is Jian Tianxiu, the business status is in business,

and the registered address is Line S253, Changchong, Xinzhuang, Longtang Town, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City Yili Industrial City’s sixth plant, Block A, three-story B plant,

its business scope includes technology promotion and application services; electric vehicle manufacturing and sales; import and export of goods or technologies.



12 months.


CE FCC ROHS certifications, EEC/COC/DOT certifications

contact us:

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shenzhen Rooder Technology Co.,Ltd.
website: www.Rooder.Group
WhatsApp/mobile phone: +8613632905138
Tel: +86 755 23352562


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