Top 3 mangosteen citycoco chopper scooter 2022

Top 3 mangosteen citycoco chopper scooter 2022


top 3 mangosteen citycoco chopper 2022

Do you know which Rooder mangosteen citycoco chopper electric bikes are the best sellers this Summer?

Top 3, Rooder mangosteen m2, it looks nothing special at first glance, in fact, it’s the alligator design, just look at the seat, it looks like the mounth of the alligator! and this mangosteen alligator supports free customization for frame, seat and wheels, appearance and performance may not be up to me, but who can refuse a free color matching Rooder chopper? Although the price of 3748 US dallar is slightly expensive, but because of the design, quality and service of mangosteen, many people will choose.

mangosteen m2

Mangosteen M2 Review:


Top2, Rooder mangosteen m8 has always pursued the harley style in appearance, and Runner design has also captured the hearts of men. The 60-volt 30-amp removable lithium battery can run 60 to 80 kilometers single charge without any energy recovery, and many people will choose the US 3470 price including tax and shipping to door within 3-12 days.

mangosteen m8


Mangosteen M8 Review Video :


Top 1, mangosteen m1p sales high, first of all, the design of m1p is trendy, much better than the general electric scooters and bicycles;

the second reason is good performance, 60 volt 28ah lithium battery maximum endurance of 75 kilometers, cheap price 3299$ US dollars reference price for cumsumers, so that this Rooder mangosteen m1p is very competitive.

check the gasline prices right now, it’s definitely a smart choice to buy an electric mangosteen scooter!

mangosteen m1p


Mangosteen m1p review:



which one do you prefer?

Mangosteen m1p?
Mangosteen M8?
Mangosteen M2?

or none of all?
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Mangosteen m1ps is coming.  8000w 100km/h 150km. He will shock you!




mangosteen m1ps


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