mangosteen m1p speedometer reset

how to reset the speedometer of mangosteen m1p citycoco chopper electric scooter.

mangosteen m1p

I. mangosteen m1p new speedometer reset

1. Power on.
2. Full throttle,
3. turn on the headlight
4. flash(turn on/off) the right light 3 times
5. flash(turn on/off) the headlight 5 times,
6. the speedometer reset to 0
7. keep the speed 5 seconds to save.
8. done, whatsapp +8613632905138


you can also click below link to check the video on instagram:


II. reset the old speedometer of citycoco m1p, bofore 2020

1). Power on/off 8 times.
2). Done


you can also click below link to check the video on instagram:


mangosteen citycoco m1p

Mangosteen m1p citycoco chopper scooter is two wheeled that can travel at speeds up to 45 to 70km/h
and can travel up from 55 km~75km range with a single charge, it’s depending on the weight of the rider, max. 200 kg.

Company information of Rooder mangosteen:

Rooder Group has been in electric scooter industry for 10 years, which is factory focus on citycoco, electric motorcycle, eletirc chopper, balance scooter, and kick scooter. It has been exporting high quality electric scooter to all over the world, together earning a lot of good reputation. Rooder brand is representing high quality and good service.

10 year? can you proof it? yes!

please check the link of our youtube channel, the ID is rooder2010

our other websites:


On line Store in EU and US:

what’s Mangosteen?

why mangosteen is an echopper, an ebike, an escooter, a citycoco, a harley style chopper? it’s not a fruit?

er… Apple can be a phone, we mangosteen can be a scooter?  ^-^

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